A Super Rare Lakensea Boat Corporation L-15 Model Found!

New owner Keith Kesheneff was surfing Craigslist a while back and noticed a listing for a 1958 Land and Sea classic runabout with a 1963 40 h.p Evinrude outboard on a Sea King brand trailer. After reviewing the posted images closer he realized that the boat’s side stickers read Lakensea. Keith was curious enough about the boat so he drove 3.5 hours from New Jersey to Salem, New York to look at the boat. Upon close inspection he found the manufacturer’s sticker which confirmed it was a Lakensea Boats Corporation L-15 model built in Boca Raton, Florida. for the Southern Plastics Corp. He quickly purchased the super rare boat for a $1,100.00. Since purchasing it the boat has been water tested and the stringers are intact.

Keith completed the restoration in late 2020. The boat only required sanding, some fill, and paint. The original stringers, transom and hardware were intact. He cleaned up the original metal and used the original screws and bolts where possible.

He retained the 1963 Evinrude 40 h.p. motor that came with it, which runs like new after repairs. The engine cowl was rough so he repainted it to match the boat. Well don, Keith!

3 thoughts on “A Super Rare Lakensea Boat Corporation L-15 Model Found!

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  1. Beautiful boat and great restoration. I have a 1960 14′ Caribbean” with a 10962 Merc 450 and Tee Nee trailer which I bought at a garage sale and restored. We use it at Indian Lake {Ohio} and love the attention it receives. Very smooth ride for a small boat. Hope we can stage a Lake n Sea gathering in Holland, Michigan sometime. Mike


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