New Lake ‘n Sea for Me!

This week, fellow Lake ‘n Sea owner Mike Cramer and I struck a deal and his 1959 Lake ‘n Sea 16’ Arrowhead model became my latest fiberglass boat, along with a big 1959 Johnson Super Seahorse 50 h.p outboard, and sweet Alloy brand trailer. I have not owned a Lake ‘n Sea in some time, and those were either 14′ Caribbean or 15′ Biscayne models. This is my first 16’ Arrowhead and I am as excited as the first Lake ‘n Sea 14′ Caribbean I purchased on eBay in the early 2000s. The 16′ Arrowhead is hull number 9575 0023 which makes it one of the lowest hull numbers I have recorded on my owner’s database. In the coming weeks I will be comparing it to a 1961-1962 Michigan Fiberglass Company-made 16’ Arrowhead to see if any changes were made to the design, etc. when the new company purchased the brand from the Lake ‘n Sea Division of Parsons Corporation in 1961. Enjoy the images of this latest, classic survivor.

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