Seat Cushions Patterns and Model Years

A Michigan Fiberglass Company-built 14′ Caribbean owner contacted me about the correct seat cushion pattern he should use for his restoration. Until he had brought it up I had not taken the time to study this question. Well, today I did, and realized that the seat cushion patterns for the 1960 Parsons Corporation-made boats are most likely the same for the 1960 Michigan Fiberglass Company cushions due to the sale of the company during the 1960 model year. I also base this conclusion on the surviving boats and the even rarer surviving seat cushions for both companies. The gull wing, two tone seat cushions for the 1959 model year appeared in 1959 brochure for the 14′ Caribbean and 16′ Arrowhead models. I have yet to find a 1960 Lake ‘n Sea brochure for the either the Parsons Corporation or the Michigan Fiberglass Company showing or describing the seat cushions but surviving boats and cushions reveal a pattern much like the transom of the line. There is also a chance that the seat cushions for the less expensive models, like the less deluxe 14′ Caribbean, 15′ Biscayne, and the 14’ Au Sable Runabout, were a much plainer, two tone design. Below are the Caribbean Custom, Arrowhead Custom, and Saratoga Custom seat cushion patterns by year, manufacturer, and model. Like the seat cushions, the dashboards were also fancier and will be covered in a later blog post.

Non-deluxe 1959 Parsons Corporation 15′ Caribbean model dashboard and steering wheel.
Same boat with the simpler, harmonizing, two-tone seat cushions.
1958 Parsons Corporation 15′ Biscayne model seat cushions were much like the 1957 Chris-Craft Special Runabout seat cushions. Neither used deck snaps.
Cockpits View
1959 Parsons Corporation 15′ Biscayne seat cushions had a much simpler pattern.
Page 5
1959 Parsons Corporation brochure showing the gull wing pattern seat cushions which resemble the dashboard of the Caribbean Custom and Arrowhead Custom models.
1959 Parsons Corporation 16′ Arrowhead  Custom seat cushions.

To muddy the waters even more is the different gull wing pattern for the 18′ Saratoga Custom Runabout and Custom Sports Utility model.

Page 12
1959 Parsons Corporation 18′ Saratoga Custom Sports Utility model seat cushion pattern in the brochure.
1959 Saratoga Interior
1959 Parsons Corporation 18′ Saratoga Custom Runabout seat cushion.

Original 1960 Michigan Fiberglass Company 16′ Arrowhead seat cushions.

1960 Michigan Fiberglass Company 16′ Arrowhead front cushions.
1960 Michigan Fiberglass Company 16′ Arrowhead rear cushions.



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