By the Numbers

The biggest mystery surrounding the Lake-N-Sea/Lake 'n Sea boat brand is how many boats were actually made, when, and by which of the four companies. Well, here is what I have been able to ascertain after years of collecting data from original factory records, owners, and oral history interviews with builders or their families. I... Continue Reading →

Saratoga Dreaming

Without a doubt most of the Lake 'n Sea boats models are unique and easy to spot, largely due to the design of the transoms and graceful lines. This is especially true for the 18-ft Saratoga model. I dream of owning one of these beauties. A lot. The 18 foot Saratoga model was introduced in... Continue Reading →

The Manistee and Au Sable Models

While rarely seen in vintage boat collector's collections the Lake 'n Sea Division of the Parsons Corporation did make small utility and runabout boats designed for fishing, hunting, and fun at a low cost. In the spring of 1958 Parsons Corporation introduced a limited number of models to the public which included the 12-ft Utility... Continue Reading →

Michigan Fiberglass Company

On March 15, 1960, an agreement between John T. Parsons of the Parsons Corporation and Lawrence Meyering of the Michigan Fiberglass Company (MFC) of Zeeland, Michigan, was reached to have MFC produce the 15-ft Caribbean and 17-ft Arrowhead from their four model year line. These two models were identical to the 1959 model line in... Continue Reading →

Lake ‘n Sea Comes to Traverse City

  On June 18, 1957, the Chris-Craft Corporation purchased the rights and molds to the Lake N Sea boat line from Lakensea Boat Corporation of Boca Raton, Florida, to get into the fiberglass boat building business, but it did not last long. On January 7, 1958, the Parsons Corporation of Detroit, Michigan, purchased the Lake... Continue Reading →

Yugo, I Go, We All Go, to the Zagreb International Trade Fair in Yugoslavia

Lake 'n Sea boat at the Zagreb International Trade Fair, 1959. (Image courtesy of the John T. Parsons collection (Ms-1987-016), Digital Library and Archives, University Libraries, Virginia Polytechnic and State University, In September 1959 the Lake 'n Sea Division of the Parsons Corporation had completed its first production year of its redesigned 1959 Lake... Continue Reading →

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