Leak ‘n Sink: The Chris-Craft Years

On June 18, 1957, the Chris-Craft Corporation purchased the rights and molds to the Lake-N-Sea boat line from Lakensea Boat Corporation of Boca Raton, Florida, making it the second company to manufacture the Lake 'n Sea line of boats. Six months later Chris-Craft gladly sold the division to the Parsons Corporation of Detroit, Michigan. In... Continue Reading →

The Tale of the Transoms

When the Lake 'n Sea Division of the Parsons Corporation unveiled its new line of 1959 Lake 'n Sea boats the most striking feature for many of the models was the transom which looks a lot like a rear end of a 1958 Chevrolet Bel Air or 1959 Chevy Impala. Wherever the inspiration came from... Continue Reading →

Seat Cushions Patterns and Model Years

A Michigan Fiberglass Company-built 14' Caribbean owner contacted me about the correct seat cushion pattern he should use for his restoration. Until he had brought it up I had not taken the time to study this question. Well, today I did, and realized that the seat cushion patterns for the 1960 Parsons Corporation-made boats are... Continue Reading →

Road Tripping to Wisconsin

My wife and I spent last weekend road tripping to Madison, Wisconsin to pick up a rare 1960-1961 Michigan Fiberglass Company-made 16' Arrowhead (hull number 7023) from all around great guy Dennis Tweedale. According to Dennis he purchased the boat in 2010 from a man that had acquired the boat from a farmer that had... Continue Reading →

Lake ‘n Sea Goes to Norway

Jason Anderson, from Grimstad, Norway, acquired his 1959 16’ Arrowhead (9575 0066) some years ago. Jason and I got know each other in 2013 while he was looking for replacement Lake 'n Sea name badges for the side of his boat and a replica Lake 'n Sea bow pole pennant. Luckily I had an extra... Continue Reading →

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